Watch: A specially disabled food delivery agent wins the internet’s heart

In today’s age, food delivery is absolute bliss. Many of us don’t have time to cook due to our busy lifestyles. And if not, some of us might not be such a good cook to do it all ourselves. So, during these times or when you want to devour something delicious from the comfort of your home, food delivery comes in handy. However, the one thing many of us don’t realize when getting our food delivered is the effort it takes for an agent to get to our house. No matter the season or the time, you’ll find a hard-working delivery agent every day. Recently, a video of a specially adapted Zomato food delivery agent caught many people’s attention.

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In a video uploaded to Instagram by user @groming_bulls, a Zomato food delivery worker can be seen in a motorized wheelchair. As he heads for delivery, he has food packed in a box. In the video, the user wrote, “Nothing is impossible; the word itself says I am possible.” Take a look at the video here:

Since this video was uploaded, it has been viewed 977,000 times, has 136,000 likes and over 500 comments! Many people were impressed by his hard work. One person commented, “This is the biggest inspiration for us. Brother, a big hello to you.” Another person wrote: “God bless him for everything. Someone also mentioned, “I’m proud of you. Hello and respect to you, sir. God bless you !

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Many others have also appreciated Zomato for hiring specially disabled people. One person wrote, “A tribute to Zomato’s service for giving the job to a man with different abilities.” Another user wrote, “Respect to Zomato’s supervisor who gave him a job.” Someone also mentioned, “It’s super inspiring, but there’s no need to thank Zomato for giving jobs to specially disabled people. Thank them for working to normalize disability and not for treat it like a disease.”

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