VIRAL VIDEO: Food delivery man rides horse to drop off orders amid Mumbai rains, watch here

Image source: TWITTER

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What could be more frustrating than being stuck in traffic jams in the rain? Waiting for your food to arrive! Well, by breaking traffic and delivering on time, this food delivery guy broke all the standards by riding a horse to deliver food to customers. Yes, that is correct;y what happened. A food delivery boy was seen riding through the streets of Mumbai in an attempt to deliver food to customers in time. The video went viral on social media.

While some find it hilarious, others want this man to receive the “Employee of the Year” award. Many are just amused at the sight of the man on horseback in the middle of a busy street with a bag of food hanging from his back.

“#ViralVideo The video made the rounds on social platforms, where a Swiggy delivery man, reportedly frustrated by city rain and flooded roads, skipped his usual route and took a horse to drop off food orders at customers,” said a Twitterati. another wrote, “Applause for the dedication of this delivery man.”

A third noted: “More than the customer enjoying the food, @swiggy’s delivery guy seems to have enjoyed a horse in the rain. #why only customers have fun.”

Meanwhile, trains and bus services in Mumbai were hit hard on Thursday evening as heavy rains battered the city. Waterlogging was observed in several low lying areas due to the first heavy downpour of the season. Road traffic slowed or came to a halt as several roads were waterlogged in areas like Hindmata, Parel, Kalashowki, Haji Ali, Dockyard Road, Gandhi Market and Bandra.

Local train traffic, the lifeline of Mumbai, has also been affected due to congestion on the tracks, especially between the Kurla to Parel section on the Central Railway line and due to some technical issues on the Western route Railway.