Video of student attacking food delivery robot leads to 2 arrests

Two University of Tennessee students are facing charges after one allegedly knocked down a food delivery robot on campus, KTLA’s sister station WATER reports.

Patrick Callahan, 19, and Brock Garland, 20, both face felony vandalism charges over $2,500 after the robot was damaged on the evening of April 29.

Incident reports indicate that the students were retrieving Garland’s food order from the robot when they attempted to push the robot’s antenna inside the overhead compartment. A video was also posted on social media, but appears to have since been deleted, allegedly showing Callahan picking up the robot and slamming it to the ground.

Data logs from UT’s Office of Information Technology verified that the two students were in the exact area of ​​the incident at the time it occurred. They were identified from social media posts by Starship Technology crew members, the company which owns and operates the robots used on college campuses across the country.

The cost to replace the robot is $5,500.

A bail arraignment is scheduled for May 13.

The robots were just recently introduced to campus and allow students and faculty to have groceries and food delivered directly from campus food services. The electronic robots operate autonomously using a mixture of computer vision and GPS, reaching a maximum speed of 4 miles per hour.