“The food costs €100, the bill €5,000, it’s priceless!” Five Star’s 9-course meal review goes viral

We might have sometimes or the other expressed our displeasure with our parents over the mundane food preparations, couldn’t we. Recently, a schoolboy wrote an essay for a boring routine breakfast served to him every day.

On days when we don’t prefer to have our dabba, what do we do? One click on different food delivery apps or go out to bite roadside snack, restaurant food.

In a recent Twitter post that went viral, we can see one person’s experience of visiting a well-known 5-star restaurant. Is food criticism golden? Not much or probably not at all!

When the person expressed that they weren’t in too much of a rush to stuff a heavy meal and preferred a lighter meal, they ordered to try a 9-course meal at the restaurant. What was on the plate and how much?

Oh, plate! There seemed to be more plates and empty spaces compared to the amount of delicacies served. Noticing this, the Twitter user wrote, “Now my teeth have started to recognize they’ve seen food, and my tongue is giving mixed signals, stomach wise, we’ll get there, I only spent over an hour so far!”

Later, in his attempt to review the food and his visit to the multi-star kitchen store, he tweeted that the experience reminded him of trying the food made by his mother, “With tears in my eyes, I want call my mother for all those times I refused to eat what she was cooking…”

The series of tweets contained free advice text, “…don’t eat these meals with your boss during the evaluation period…”

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Posted: Saturday, May 21, 2022, 12:12 p.m. IST