The Bread and Butter Thing launches affordable catering service in Dewsbury

The launch of TBBT brings affordable food to the community, providing nutritious food at low cost, as well as access to comprehensive services offering advice and support on finances, employment and health.

Members can sign up for TBBT, where they can get access to three shopping bags containing food.

Food bags include; chilled food, pantry food and fruit and veg, which is often around £35.

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Manchester charity The Bread and Butter Thing was launched at the Chickenley Community Center last week.

Registered members can, however, purchase all three bags for a total cost of £7.50.

Last week, as it was the first week the program was running at the community center, new members received the bags for free.

Laura Gavin, Community Developer and Head of Distribution at TBBT, said: “It’s our first week today (March 24) and it’s already oversubscribed, which shows there’s a need and people are excited about this prospect.

“You can sign up to become a member and then a text will be sent and it’s first come, first served on who replies to the text.

Volunteers arrived two hours before opening to help unload food and sort it into bags for members to collect.

“But if you don’t make the cut one week, you’ll get your text earlier the next week. We’re trying to give priority to people who didn’t make the first week.

Food that would otherwise go to landfill is donated by supermarkets, farmers and companies such as Amazon and Kellogg’s. The food is then distributed to all TBBT hubs.

Laura added: ‘The cost of living is rising so people need access to slightly cheaper food.

“It’s also premium food, so they don’t have to compromise on the quality or safety of their food.”

Laura Gavin, community developer and head of distribution at TBBT.

TBBT has hubs in the North West, North East and now Yorkshire, and plans to open four more hubs in the Kirklees area.

Mark Game, Managing Director of TBBT, said: “We chose Chickenley because we received such a warm welcome. It’s really important that we find the right partnerships to start with.

“We’ve had so much help and positivity coming here that we just wanted to make sure we were off to a really positive start.

“That’s the real key for us because if we get really positive partnerships, we can share them with everyone in the region.

Food bags include; chilled food, pantry food and fruit and veg, which is often around £35.

“As we search for the other four in Kirklees, they have a truly positive example that they can come to see, touch, feel and experience.”

The Chickenley Community Center has been at the heart of the community for nearly twenty years, providing quality services and facilities to help improve the education, health and well-being of all local residents.

It offers activities for all ages, from youth clubs to retiree lunches, and continues to grow and adapt to the needs of the community.

Paul Moore, Community Development Worker at the Chickenley Community Centre, said: ‘Over 80% of the people picking up bags today (March 24) are from the Chickenley estate.

“It’s millions and millions of food that is just thrown away, while we have people on the bread line and starving – it’s just crazy.

“I am very proud that the council has brought this project to Kirklees.

TBBT’s service is volunteer-driven, with more than ten volunteers taking part in last week’s launch in Dewsbury.

“I’m also very proud that we’re the pilot – that’s great news for everyone.”

TBBT’s service is volunteer-driven, with more than ten volunteers taking part in last week’s launch in Dewsbury.

Volunteers help unload food and pack groceries into bags, ready for collection by members.

One volunteer explained that it was her way of “giving something back to the community”.

She said: “I think it will make a difference with everything that’s happening at the minute.

“Everything is exorbitant now and prices are rising.”

“A lot of families are definitely struggling in the area – I’m fighting it myself.”

TBBT will be an ongoing service at the Chickenley Community Centre, Princess Road, WF12 8QT.

To register, text 07860 063304 with your full name, postcode and the name of the hub you will be collecting from.

For more information visit

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