Swiggy announces Rs 5,000 reward for anyone giving information about food delivery man who rode horseback during recent Mumbai rain: The Tribune India

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Chandigarh, July 6

A few days ago, a delivery agent took contactless delivery to another level after he was seen delivering food parcels on horseback amid rainy Mumbai.

The food delivery bag had Swiggy’s logo monogrammed on it.

However, the man, who apparently belonged to the food delivery platform, was noticed by the portal and now he is asking for help to “find the man and his grass-powered machine”. .

After the man gained popularity for his candor and ingenious choice of vehicle, Swiggy took to Twitter to address the situation.

The platform that appreciated the unexpected publicity asked for help in identifying the delivery agent who became famous using his name.

Swiggy released a statement on Twitter with the caption “Let’s address the horse in the room.”

The statement read: “Who is this gallant young star? Does he ride a Toofan or a Bijli? What’s in that bag he strapped to his back? Why is he so determined to cross a busy Mumbai street on a very rainy day? Where did he park his horse when he went to deliver this order?”

He launched a “Swiggy-wide horse hunt” and offered Rs 5,000 in Swiggy Money to anyone who could provide information on the “accidental brand ambassador”.

He also clarified in his statement that despite his efforts to opt for more environmentally friendly delivery practices, he has not replaced the usual vehicles with animals.

Twiterrati was quick to respond. Here are some tweets: