Pune Airport Fines Food Stall For Overloading | Pune News

PUNE: The city’s airport authorities on Wednesday fined a snack stand inside the terminal after some flyers complained it was selling bottled mineral water at high prices.
A flyer, on his way to Nagpur from Pune, complained on social media that the stall was selling 500ml of mineral water for 70 rupees. “At the security check, flyers are not allowed to carry water. The stalls do not stock mineral water of regular brands. No other options are available. If the railways can provide cheap water, why not the airport…” the leaflet said.
Pune Airport Manager Santosh Dhoke confirmed that the contractor had been fined. “As per the terms of the tender, a fine has been imposed,” the manager told TOI.
In 2018, a stand at the airport sold drinks at low prices. The manager did not say if the stand was still there or if the same stand was now selling water at high prices. Moreover, the official did not mention the amount of the fine imposed on the contractor.
Many travelers have complained about fewer dining options after the only food court closed nearly three years ago.
“We have put out tenders for interested parties to set up food stalls at the airport,” an official said.
Sudhir Mehta, Chairman of the Maratha Chamber of Commerce Industries and Agriculture, said: “As per our understanding, the Pune Airport Authority has sent a proposal to their headquarters in Delhi for the appointment of concessionaires for a short term. We are pursuing the matter with the authorities here and they are cooperating. »