Plymouth council – food deliverers benefit from a safe rest area

Plymouth Council has set up a ‘safer delivery zone’ for delivery people and restaurant drivers to rest between deliveries in the Devon town.

Riders can wait in the area with benches for up to 30 minutes while waiting for their next call for deliveries. The trial was set up as a safe place for drivers and cyclists that does not impact pedestrians in the center of town. If successful, there will be other safer delivery areas set up for runners across the city where there are a large number of restaurants offering delivery.

A spokesman for Plymouth Council said: ‘The Safer Delivery Zone on New George Street is a pilot project which we are testing so that delivery drivers waiting for orders from restaurants can leave bikes and vehicles in one place safe that does not affect pedestrians or businesses, but also helps drivers to work efficiently.

“Along with this, we and our Unify Plymouth… meet regularly with drivers and riders to listen to their concerns so that we can create a training program tailored to their needs.

“Over the next few weeks we will be monitoring how the Safer Delivery Zone is working and if it is successful it may be rolled out to other parts of the city where there are a large number of take-out locations.”