Picnic & Minnow Partner to Offer Automated Foodservice Solutions

Have you heard of Seattle’s latest supergroup?

No, I’m not talking about Pearl Jam and Soundgarden, but about a collaboration between Picnic and Minnow.

Picnic, a company that makes automated pizza-making robots, and Minnow, a Seattle-based food delivery pod maker, announced a new partnership to offer custom solutions using technology from both companies, according to an announcement sent. at The Spoon. The new collaboration will focus on creating custom solutions for a variety of different food concession scenarios and formats, including theme parks, stadiums or schools. The solutions will be suitable for concepts using mobile ordering and self-service pick-up.

From the announcement:

A customer can place a mobile or kiosk order which is fulfilled automatically by the picnic station and then placed in a heated or insulated pick-up pod for the customer to pick up at their convenience. At universities, students can place mobile pizza orders that are assembled by the Picnic Pizza Station and then picked up from a Pickup Pod.

For Picnic, the deal is the latest in a series of different partnerships and collaborations that will potentially place its pizza assembly machine in exciting new restaurant concepts. This year, the company also partnered with PizzaHQ, a New Jersey startup looking to create a chain of automated pizzerias. They’re also working with Speedy Eats, another startup that creates self-contained automated kitchens in the middle of empty parking lots.

Minnow has also been busy lately. The week, the company announced a deal with real estate developer Westdale to install Minnow’s pickup pods in multifamily properties in Texas, Florida and Georgia. The Smart Kitchen Summit 2020 Startup Showcase winner also scored small victories in places like NYC to San Diego.

A new location powered by a Picnic and Minnow solution could automate much of the food manufacturing and consumer-facing aspects of a pizzeria, which could allow pizzeria operators to implement concepts at lower cost and small footprint.