People Who Use Wonder Food Delivery Service Are Crazy About It

You have probably heard of Wonder now. The high-profile company founded by Marc Lore has people buzzing with its nearly $1 billion in funding and a model that includes chef-designed meals and a network of food vans that prepare food curbside .

Last month I wrote that Wonder has the opportunity to reinvent the food delivery industry or become a case study like others who have tried and failed to create fully integrated delivery models.

What I haven’t written is how much Wonder customers seem to love the product. After hearing from people I’ve spoken to and reviews I’ve read about it online, it seems the service has an almost fanatical user base.

One person I spoke to told me that his family uses Wonder several times a week, ordering meals that can range from well over a hundred dollars with alcohol included to more affordable mid-week family meals.

Another wrote via Linkedin, “I live in this metropolitan market where Wonder delivers, and it’s very popular in my city. Last week, I couldn’t decide between two “restaurants” Wonder Di Fara from Brooklyn or Mozza from LA. It’s impossible to get to both pizzas, but not when the Wonder truck stops at your house and cooks it for you on the spot!”

The responses via the Apple App Store are even more dazzling:

“The food was delicious and I can’t wait to order again. What a fabulous concept. It really works. Telling everyone I know the fabulous Wonder Trucks.

“Awesome how quickly you can eat a good quality meal in the comfort of your own home. Here’s hoping Wonder continues to thrive and they keep the bar high for their commitment to providing quality meals with fine ingredients.

Here are some observations on why Wonder seems to be developing a passionate following:

Users love the quality of the food. Review after review people say the food is really good. Almost everyone says the food is as good or better than they could get in a restaurant.

The service is white glove. While some users said Wonder had an issue or two to fix, it doesn’t seem to matter because the customer service is so strong. When Wonder makes a mistake, someone is there to correct it. People also love chefs who show up at their door in white coats and wonder hats to deliver their meals.

People love having access to meal concepts designed by chefs. Getting quick access to food that could have been prepared at faraway, popular restaurants like Jonathan Waxman’s Di Fara Pizza or J Bird is something that resonates with reviewers.

Word of mouth and ubiquitous delivery vans drive success. Everyone in the New Jersey metro area that Wonder serves seems to know about the service. Word of mouth is extremely strong and people are seeing Wonder vans buzzing down the street.

While I can’t verify how many reviews of the app are from Wonder employees or Wonder friends, there are too many positive ones (over three thousand at this point) for the early buzz to be contrived. . The good reviews also seem to bolster what appears to be above-industry average usage frequency by Wonder customers. I also imagine that strong customer metrics are a key reason the company has continued to fundraise in a much tougher environment than it was just 6 months ago.

If you are lucky enough to live in Wonder’s delivery area, write to us and let us know your thoughts. I still don’t know how the model is spreading nationwide, but there’s no doubt that early results show that Marc Lore and his team may be creating something special with Wonder.