North Greene Schools to Switch to Contract Food Service – WLDS

The North Greene School District has decided to endorse contracted catering service for the district.

The North Greene School Board has approved a contract offer from Organic Life, LLC to provide breakfast, lunch and a fresh fruit program to the district for a total of just under $700,000, according to Greene. Prairie Press. The school board had decided to bring the idea to the June meeting to get more information.

The contracted food service is estimated to cost the district $100,000 more than last year’s food program run by the district itself. Superintendent Mark Scott told the Greene Prairie Press that the reason the district wants to move to outdoor dining service is to provide more food options for students. He says if the district had stuck to its internal schedule, it wouldn’t have been able to offer so many options in the future.

With the food service under contract, the district downsized by laying off the district cooks. Scott says existing cooks will be the first to be hired by Organic Life if they choose to take employment with the company, but cooks will no longer be district employees.