Muscatine Pearl: MCSD Food Services Department

MUSCATINE, Iowa–Although students only see a few food service staff at their school, it takes a team of 60 staff to ensure children in the Muscatine Community School District have access to breakfasts and lunches tasty and nutritious. From the administrators who oversee operations, to the nutritionist who plans menus, to the chefs and district baker who create the food, to the drivers who deliver food to schools, and to the cashiers who prepare meals for students, it takes a lot of people with different skills to feed everyone.

Whatever role they fill, Food and Nutrition Supervisor Alisha Eggers finds that a love of helping children and always coming to work to do their best unites everyone in the department. . As she said, food service workers don’t just do a job, they “leave their own issues at home, are there for the kids, smile and let them know they’re important to us.” .

The department also enjoys connecting with the community to provide the best possible experiences for children. If you have a family recipe that you think the kids in the district would enjoy, Eggers encourages you to share it with her.

At the start of the school year, Food Service also hopes to get as many qualified students as possible to sign up for a free, discounted lunch so kids get the right meals they need to grow and grow. learn. Eggers reminds parents that if they think they could qualify for a free, reduced lunch, they can apply for it at any time during the school year, but the earlier they do so, the less they will have to pay the full price for it. lunches.

Foodservice presents many challenges, from keeping up to date with all the guidelines to ensuring menu items offer nutritious choices that kids will enjoy eating. However, making sure kids get good meals, especially ones that can stave off hunger outside of school, is definitely worth it for every food service worker. “It’s all about the kids!” Eggers pointed out, adding that her staff also enjoy building rapport with students and “getting hugs when their students see them in public and thank you cards at school.”