M’sian Food Delivery Rider shows his diplomas after being accused of fishing for sympathy

Although our food delivery people often face many obstacles in their daily working life, it seems that the perception towards them is always negative.

Some people think that those who end up working as food delivery people are neither educated nor qualified. However, many runners have been shown to have in fact received some form of formal education.

Recently, a food delivery boy known as Norazmaly went viral after posting a video of him on TikTok soaked in the rain. In the video, he said to himself be patient in the gloomy weather.

However, it seems that his video did not go down well with some people who accused the runner of trying to win the sympathy of the public and this is his punishment for not studying when young.

Despite the criticism, he responded by posting a TikTok video showing off her school certificates (diploma and diploma) in order to silence the Internet user.

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His journey

In an interview with mStarMuhammad Norazmaly Abdul Malek, said he had been has been working as a food rider since december last year.

The 26-year-old also mentioned that he has completed his degree in Aircraft Maintenance Engineering (Mechanical) at UniKL MIAT, Sepangin July last year.

“After finishing my studies, I helped my family with their small business. My father had his own burger stand, while my mother sold ‘rojak’. Then I decided to work as a delivery courier to earn some money, but at the same time I can help my parents in their business.

He also said that he was not born with a silver spoon in his mouth, but is still grateful to be able to live a modest life.

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Speaking about his now viral music video, he explained, “I wanted to tell everyone to work hard at the beginning and enjoy the fruits of their labor when it’s the sweetest. If our family is in trouble, it doesn’t mean we have to live like this forever. We have to work hard to change the destiny of our family.

He also said he was not offended by the criticisms of him and that he only wanted to help clear the air on the negative public notions to those who have difficulty finding a job.

“People who are unemployed are not necessarily uneducated,” he explained. “It’s just that they haven’t received a job offer corresponding to their training. After all, there’s nothing wrong with working as a food delivery man. It’s still a halal job.

“There are those who have a Masters and even PhD certs who work as food riders in their free time. These people will not be arrogant when they are at the top, because they are already aware of the other people’s struggles when they’re at their lowest,” he added.

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He revealed that his ambition was to become a aeronautical engineer or lecturer.

“No matter who we are, don’t underestimate others. Because we have no idea what they’re going through. Even if we don’t want to support or pray for the best for them, never try to degrade others“, he concluded.

Watch the video below:


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