Motorists say food delivery people are taking too many risks driving recklessly to make a living

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A video of a food delivery man crossing the street without stopping drew criticism from an incoming driver, who said the companies hiring them should train them on the rules of the road.

“Don’t worry, don’t see. Didn’t the food delivery company test or advise them when they applied for the job? » said Facebook user Jos Goh in a post on the Complaint Singapore group, Friday (April 22).

“Fortunately for me with my eagle eye and my vigilance,” adds the motorist.

Mr Goh attached video recorded on a dash cam of a cyclist zooming down a street, not even looking for a passing vehicle, as he turned left.

Photo: FB Screenshot/Singaproe Complaint

“Food delivery people take too many risks to make a living riding this way,” wrote the community page share the post.

The post has over 70 comments so far, mostly by netizens advising the original poster to slow down and give way as it was the drivers responsibility.

“There is a stop line. You have to stop and not expect to go back without stopping,” commented Facebook user Zhao Jie.

“The dotted line is for walking away when it is safe to do so. Nowadays, no one knows what the line is for liao,” he added.

“When I was learning at driving school, the instructor always asked me to slow down or even stop the car before the zebra lines; It’s the driver’s responsibility.” said Facebook user Shi Wei.

“If you hit people at the zebra line, whatever they’re using for the ride, that’s the driver’s problem.”

Meanwhile, netizen Alex Chew suggested placing speed bumps on the road and pavement at a zebra crossing. “The suggestion is to slow down both sides to avoid any accidents.”

Others reminded cyclists to dismount their bikes at crosswalks.

According to cycling safety guidelines issued by the Land Transport Authority, Traffic Police and Tampines GROs, cyclists are advised to slow down when approaching road openings such as crosswalks.

“Don’t drive on crosswalks. Get off and push your bike as you cross the crosswalk,” notice noted. /TISG

A cyclist crosses the street at a red light, risking herself and other road users in a chain collision

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