Limerick food stand ordered to close after HSE inspection

A FOOD stall operating in Limerick city center was ordered to close last month, it has been revealed.

According to the Food Safety Authority of Ireland, a closure order was served on the operator of Damas Food Stall on October 9. The command remains in place.

The stall was operating on the corner of Robert Street and Cornmarket Row and the order to close was served under the European Union’s Regulation 30 (Official Controls in Relation to Food Law) Regulation 2020.

A report, published on Monday, said the closure order was imposed after an HSE inspector visited the stand.

Concerns outlined in the report include a “failure to keep food premises clean” and a lack of hand-washing facilities or hot water.

The report also states that there was “inadequate separation of raw and cooked food” and “inadequate temperature control measures for raw food/meat at 14.5c” on the day of the inspection.

Three other food establishments across the country were also ordered to close last month, while an improvement order was served at one establishment in Navan, County Meath.

Commenting on the publication of the five orders, Dr Pamela Byrne, Chief Executive of the FSAI, said: “All food businesses have a legal obligation to ensure that they meet high standards of safety and health at all times. food hygiene. It is also essential that food businesses have a strong culture of food safety and hygiene in their business, which can be achieved through continuous training of all their team members and a strong commitment to safety. food from the management team. »

Dr Byrne added: “Consumers have a right to safe food and food companies have a legal obligation to ensure that the food they process, serve or sell is safe to eat.”