Leaflets worry about overloaded food stall vendors at Pune airport

While passengers have raised concerns about the high prices of drinks and food items at Pune airport, authorities said there are outlets selling them at low prices.

On April 6, a passenger complained (on social media) about a snack vendor in an airport terminal selling 500ml of mineral water for 70.

“As per guidelines, Pune International Airport has a store at gates 4 and 5, where all drinks are sold at normal prices. The incident happened in a store near door no. 8, 9 and 10 a few days ago,” said Santosh Dhoke, Pune Airport Manager.

In accordance with the guidelines, a shop selling drinks at normal prices is required at each airport. Thus, the shop at gates 4 and 5 was installed in 2018.

After the revelation of the incident, the airport authorities imposed a fine on the contractor.

A fine of 20,000 was imposed on the outlet which charged mineral bottles at higher rates. We will ensure that such incidents do not happen again in the future,” Dhoke added.

The allocation of space for setting up shops at Pune Airport is done through a tender process.

Another official, speaking on condition of anonymity, said: “Space to set up stands at airports is done through a tender process and once the tender belongs to a company of the specific food chain, they can decide the food charge and the airport authority has no right to change it.

Pune Airport’s only food court closed three years ago and since then many travelers have complained about the availability of food items at the airport.

However, flyers hope that once the new terminal is up and running it will have a good food court.

Vishal Gund, a frequent traveller, said: “As of now, Pune airport has limited food outlet options. I hope the number will increase when the work on the new terminal is completed.

“Once Pune airport has a new terminal, we will increase the number of outlets that can sell drinks at normal prices,” the official added.

72 flights scheduled on Friday

With the summer schedule starting on April 1, Pune airport saw the movement of 72 flights on Friday, which is the highest number of flight movements since April 1.

“Over the last eight days in most cases we have had over 60 flights, we expect the number to increase from the third week of April as the exam season comes to an end,” he said. added the manager.