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A food stall in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia has once again caught the public eye after one of its exotic meat dishes was shared online, despite the restaurant chain having been in business for several years now.

Photos of the dishes served by Sattisorru Loke Yew were posted on Facebook by KL Foodie on August 18 – to the amazement and chagrin of many.

Monitor Lizard Meat

The reason?

The stall is known for its sattisorru, or wok rice, a common South Indian curry dish.

Customers can choose the meat, such as chicken, mutton, shrimp, squid, wild boar, and monitor lizard, also known as biawak, which goes into the wok rice.

In the post, KL Foodie provided a brief clarification to ensure that the monitor lizards are safe for human consumption: “The monitor lizards used are said to be tree lizards that only eat leaves and fruits, so they are safe. for human consumption.

Monitor lizard harvesting authorized

Monitor lizards, including the common Asian water monitor, are known to eat carrion, which harbors bacteria.

According to the Department of Wildlife and National Parks of Peninsular Malaysia [PDF], Varanus savioror Asian water lizard, is a protected species, but their harvest for their meat is authorized, subject to strict regulations.

An electronic licensing system is used to regulate the capture and harvesting of the Asian water lizard.

Other monitor lizards are harvested for food in Malaysia and are protected by Malaysian law, due to the demand for their meat.

However, it is unknown which species of monitor lizard uses the food stand.

But exotic meat definitely comes at a price.

A 2018 Facebook post showed that the price of monitor lizard is about twice that of chicken.

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