King’s Court bar and street food stand relaunched for the summer

Two businesses in the heart of King’s Court are relaunching ahead of the summer months.

Gin can… a bar specializing in gin and cocktails, and My name is Sancheza new Portuguese street food stand, is looking to relocate to an increasingly popular courtyard.

Having opened its doors just before the pandemic, Gin can… never got the launch it deserved. But now the restrictions have eased and with the pandemic behind us, management is focused on increasing the bar’s exposure.

Gin can… Manager Matt Watson, who is behind the transformation of the bar, said: ‘One thing we’ve found is that being at the back of the yard and behind the Cheshire Tap people don’t know that we are here.”

Gin can… director Matt Watson at work

on why Gin can… is a perfect place for new and old yard customers, Matt said: “People’s habits have changed since the first lockdown. Everyone wants to be comfortable, sit down and have a drink. We can offer that!

Don’t leave the name Gin can… mislead you either, as it is so much more than a liquor bar. It may have the largest selection of gin in Altrincham, but Gin can… offers a range of premium beers, spirits and a tailor-made cocktail menu adapted to each season.

“We offer over 25 different types of cocktails,” Matt said. “We are already adapting the menu for spring. And if a customer wants a cocktail that may not be on the menu, we are always ready to prepare it.

A signature Gin can…

Expect two-for-£10 cocktail deals every Thursday and live music on Saturday nights. Additionally, there are whispers behind the scenes of cocktail training sessions for the public in the coming months.

What is the main message of Gin can…? “Everything we use is fresh, locally sourced, tried and tested.”

It’s also the mantra shared by the street food stand next door My name is Sanchez. The outlet is run by experienced Portuguese chef Joaquim Nuno Tomas, who has worked in many of Altrincham’s best-loved restaurants, including Porta.

The beating heart of the menu is its burgers, which are homemade and cater to vegans, vegetarians and meat eaters. All ingredients are sourced locally, with the meat sourced from Waugh Brow Farm in Mobberley.

The beating heart of My name is Sanchez the menu is burgers

Joaquim Nuno Tomas said Altrincham today“The food we offer is traditional burgers with good ingredients, homemade sauces, fresh vegetables that are all locally sourced. We also offer small plates which are very popular and come with a Portuguese touch.

“I’m just the one preparing the food, and I’ve used my 20 years of kitchen experience to come up with the menu.”

Food of My name is Sanchez to enjoy in the yard or on the go. Customers can order at the window, on Deliveroo or through the Good food application.

And those who rent the Ivy League venue for nighttime events also have the option of using its catering services.