Central Crossing Senior Center, Button Shell, Routine, 6/15/22

No basic precedence or violation.

C&C Country Store, Exeter, Routine, 6/16/22

Priority Violations: 1

1. The three-compartment sink hose hangs under the rim of the sink.

Main Violations: 1

L&L Stores, Eagle Rock, Tracking, 6/16/22

Priority Violations: 1

1. Abundance of flies in the kitchen & dining room.

Roaring River Waterslide, Cassville, Routine, 6/20/22

No priority violations observed.

Main Violations: 1*

C&C Country Store, Exeter, Tracking, 6/20/22

All priority violations fixed.

Emory Melton Conference Center, Cassville, Routine, 6/20/22

Priority Violations: 1*

1. Hamburgers maintained at 128°, brown sauce at 112° and white sauce at 125° on the steam table. Food should be stored at or above 140º. No basic violations

No basic violations observed.

Imperial-Wintech, Cassville, pre-opening, 6/21/22

Permit issued

Main Street Cafe, Wheaton, Routine, 6/22/22

Priority Violations: 4

1. Bacon held at 54° and sliced ​​tomatoes at 62° on the work surface with no time or temperature control.

2. Foods previously prepared in the establishment are not labeled with a discard date. (beans, sauce, cooked vegetables, etc.)

3. Pile of food baskets stored under the hood system soiled with drops of grease on them.*

4. Spraying pesticides and chemical cleaner stored on food prep counter and above food.*

Main violations: 4

MO Wings, Monett, Routine, 6/22/22

No priority or kernel violations observed.

Office Pub, Eagle Rock, Tracking, 6/23/22

Priority violations fixed.

Casa Maya, Button Shell, Tracking, 6/23/22

Priority violations fixed.

L&L Stores, Eagle Rock, Tracking, 6/23/22

Priority violations fixed.

Dollar General #15781, Rocky Comfort, Routine, 6/27/22

Priority Violations:

1. The most recent inspection is not displayed for the public to read.

2. The back room of the refrigerator is very dirty due to the accumulation of milk powder.

3. Chemicals and toxins (rubbing alcohol, soaps and sanitizers) stored on top of single-use paper plates. (recidivism)

Main violations: 3

Main Street Cafe, Wheaton, Tracking, 6/27/22 All Priority Violations

All priority violations fixed.

Sonic Drive-In, Cassville, Complaint, 6/27/22

Priority Violations: 2

1. The current permit is not displayed for public view.

2. Chicken strips and cheese on the counter near the grill are kept in time as a public health control and have no documented disposal times.*

Main violations: 2

Mi Rancho Mexican Restaurant, Monett, Routine, 6/28/22

Priority Violation: 5

1. No one is ServSafe certified in service.

2. An uncovered employee is drinking on the food preparation table in the kitchen.*

3. Employee handled tortillas and freshly cut limes with bare hands.*

4. Many foods are not labeled with their disposal date. (e.g. rice, beans, chicken, cooked and raw beef)*

5. Two spray bottles of chemicals are missing the common name.*

Main violations: 3