Food stall owner in Johor praised by M’sians for offering free food to struggling university students

The recent shortage of certain foods, soaring costs as well as the country’s ongoing recovery from the spread of the Covid-19 virus have has made life very difficult for many Malaysians.

This applies even more to people in difficulty such as The B40 community and students.

However, it seems that the goodwill of the Malaysians has remained strong despite the difficult times.

Recently a food stall owner at Kafe N24 Streetcafe UTM, Skudai, Johor went viral as the stall the owner had left a goodwill notice about how struggling university students can eat there for free.

In a photo shared by a user on Twitter, the owner of a food stall who is an elderly woman, posted a note telling students to just eat there if they got hungry or don’t have enough to buy food.

The Twitter user wrote: “This aunt is so good. Hope she gets the chance to get some opportunities.

The M’sians flocked to support the booth owner

The post went viral and is currently sitting on more than 39,400 likes and 21,500 shares. The comments section is filled with praise from netizens.

Some Malaysians have also made the effort to get in touch with the stand owner herself to ask how they can help contribute.

A user shared a conversation he had with the aunt.

In the conversation, the Twitter user sent the number attached in the notice a photo of the stand.

The aunt then confirmed that it was indeed her number and stall. The user proceeded to ask for the aunt’s bank details so that they can help contribute to his cause by send him money.

Internet users hailed his goodwill

Meanwhile, many users have taken to the comment section to congratulate her on her altruism. “That’s humanity,” said one user.

“It’s an example of rakyat jaga rakyat.”

Screenshot 1718

Screenshot 1719

However, some users hope that it does not end up being exploited and taken advantage of. “I hope the students do not exploit his kindness,” commented a user.

Screenshot 1720 Screenshot 1722

Congratulations to the aunt for her altruism! May you and your business be blessed.

What do you think about this? Should more food stall owners be doing something similar? Let us know in the comments.

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