Food delivery worker ensures animals get their dignity in death – The New Indian Express

Express press service

PARADIP: As soon as Parikhit Tarai receives a call or information about a dog or any other animal injured or dying after being hit by a vehicle traveling at high speed on the road, he embarks on a noble work. Paradipgarh animal lover under Kujang block takes the injured animal to a vet for treatment or gives the dead animal a dignified burial.

It all started 10 years ago when Tarai saw a dog die after being hit by a heavy vehicle on a highway and its carcass crushed by other vehicles. “It was a bloody spectacle. I decided not to leave such carcasses on the roads and bury them by the side of the road or on an empty piece of land in a dignified manner,” the 34-year-old said. A food delivery man, he devotes part of his income to it. He was selling fish for a living before the Covid outbreak. When the pandemic hit, her business came to a screeching halt and Tarai had to take a job delivering food to Paradip.

Over the past 10 years, he has cremated nearly 500 dead animals and provided medical care to around 200 to date alone. “These days, injured or dead animals on the roads are commonplace, especially dogs and cattle. People don’t bother to help the animals or lift the carcass despite the vehicles driving over it again and again. Sometimes it also leads to accidents as some drivers apply hard brakes while spotting animal carcasses,” said Tarai who mainly focuses on the Cuttack-Paradip National Highway and Paradip-Chandikhole NH which are close to her home. . As Tarai uses a cart to move the animals, he consults Paradip’s vets to provide first aid to the injured.

Among the various reasons animals die on the roads, he said, two of the most common are reckless driving and faulty street lights. he added. Of about 10,000 or a little more that he earns delivering food each month, Tarai sets aside 2,000 for animal treatment and the burial of carcasses. Fifteen local organizations and social organizations have congratulated him on several occasions for his work.