Food delivery startup Growth Kitchen partners with Tortilla

Growth Kitchen, the food delivery start-up, has announced that it has entered into a partnership with Mexican restaurant brand Tortilla.

The partnership will support the opening of more delivery kitchens in the coming years and follows the success of the Tortilla’s Growth Kitchen hub in Balham.

Growth Kitchen said it aims to “continue expanding into new delivery kitchens, moving beyond traditional high street revenue streams and incremental delivery earnings.”

Máté Kun, co-founder of Growth Kitchen, said, “It’s crucial in today’s convenience market that restaurants embrace delivery as a new and growing revenue stream instead of just seeing it as an additional service and we are delighted that Tortilla shares this vision with us.

“Without the right technology in place to direct growth into the right zip codes, this can be risky for restaurants that don’t want to cannibalize sales at their physical locations.”

He added: “We have helped Tortilla overcome this challenge, and the success we have shared at our Balham hub allows us to work together to increase site density in markets where they already have a strong presence, as well as new areas. ”

Andy Naylor, CFO and Commercial Director at Tortilla, said, “We are thrilled to partner with Growth Kitchen, as we continue to find more innovative ways to get our quality product to our customers as quickly as possible. Growth Kitchen is doing extremely well both commercially and operationally and our team loves working in the hubs. We can prioritize the kitchen and Growth Kitchen takes care of the rest.

“It’s a great way for us to continue to grow our business, testing new areas while increasing our density in existing markets. Working with the team, we will be able to use multiple data sources to analyze, identify and select a pipeline of potential additional areas that will help expand our hubs across the UK, and we look forward to to see where the partnership takes us in the years to come.