Food delivery app specializing in Asian cuisine

NEW YORK (PIX11) – They certainly come in handy when you’re hungry but too tired to cook or eat out. Food delivery apps have become one of life’s conveniences we’ve grown accustomed to, delivering delicious meals to your doorstep with just a few clicks of your phone.

Now there’s an app that’s gaining popularity because of the type of food it specializes in: Asian cuisine. Fantuan was a start-up launched in Canada that is now making waves in New York.

Although you can order any type of food on Fantuan, their expertise is in delivering dishes from authentic Asian restaurants. In 2014, Yao Fei Feng was a rising star at Amazon headquarters in Seattle. The software engineer decided to quit his job and move to Vancouver to join his friend Randy Wu, who was still a student at the time but came up with the idea of ​​creating a food delivery app targeting food lovers Asian. Many Americans love the variety of Asian cuisines. Eight years later, the reach of the app is global.

“It’s available in four countries and over 50 cities,” Feng said. “When people think of Chinese food, Asian food, Asian fusion, Fantuan becomes their first choice because we offer the widest choice to order a particular cuisine.”

Feng said traditional restaurant owners need to get used to an app that matches them with customer demand. The merchant and users pay fees. The name of the application comes from two words “fan”, which means “rice”, and “tuan”, which means “ball”.

“We have this logo exactly like a rice ball and [it] also means united, food, family together,” Feng said.

Popular spot Jiang Nan recently opened its fourth location at 103 Bowery in Chinatown. He has been using the Fantuan app since it became available in the US in 2019, introducing foodies to their restaurant specializing in Szechuan and Huaiyang cuisines. Peking duck and seafood dishes are popular items on their menu.

The restaurant gained users, like Summer Lin, during the height of the pandemic, when many people felt safer staying at home,

“Fantuan is built by the Asian community. As you can see, I’m Asian, so I want to support the community,” Lin said. “I order from them about five times a week!”

In the greater New York area, Fantuan has now partnered with nearly 2,000 restaurants, and that’s just the beginning. They plan to expand the business to other areas. In addition to delivering food, the goal is to make Fantuan a one-stop service platform that can also run errands for you, deliver parcels or parcels, and deliver groceries from Chinese supermarkets at your front door. For housebound Asian seniors, it could be a big help.

“We focus more on Asian food, you can get authentic Asian food because if you think of Chinese food, it’s not just Panda Express,” Feng said. “Asian cuisine is magical!”