DoorDash food delivery app reimburses Southside restaurant for $4,000

JACKSONVILLE, Florida. — Amanda Toussaint, co-owner of Fresh-Mex & Co. on the Southside, told I-TEAM on Wednesday that DoorDash had repaid the restaurant the more than $4,000 it was owed.

“I just wanted to let you know that DoorDash finally paid all the money owed,” Toussiant said. “I filed a complaint with the Internet Crime Complaint Center and they said there was not much they could do.”

On February 3, we told you how DoorDash payments go to someone else’s bank account.

Afterwards, Toussiant told News4JAX I-TEAM that they had partnered with DoorDash for several years and typically made DoorDash deliveries of $500 to $600 each week, with the delivery company taking a percentage and paying them weekly.

But after December, Toussaint said, that revenue stream simply stopped. She said she checked the delivery service’s merchant portal and found that all payments due for January had been paid, but not to her restaurant’s bank account.

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“That’s how much I owe $4,232.79, and nothing has been paid into my account,” Toussaint said. “You have to enter your old bank account to update it, so someone came in and used our bank account information to update it to their bank account.”

IT security consultant Chris Hamer said it appears she was robbed twice, with a thief likely accessing her email and stealing more information.

“Once they came in and they saw your emails and they said, ‘Oh look, we have an email from DoorDash. Well, that means she’s paid by DoorDash,” Hamer said. “If it’s an account statement or something, they’ll follow the money.

He said passwords and sensitive information are breached and bought and sold online all the time, but there are some things you can do to protect yourself.

“Be careful. Use different passwords. Use two-factor authentication. Be vigilant,” Hamer said.

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As for people using food delivery apps, Hamer said an intruder in your DoorDash account won’t be able to steal your credit card information, but thieves can steal information from portals where you receive a payment.

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