DoorDash driver credited with saving Massachusetts woman’s life while delivering food

Caryn Sullivan (L) and Sophia Furtado (R) are pictured during the April 20, 2022 ceremony in Fairhaven, Massachusetts. (Credit: Supplied/Fairhaven Police Department)

A DoorDash driver in Massachusetts was hailed as a hero and received a grant to help her further her education in emergency medicine after she was credited with saving a woman’s life while delivering food.

DoorDash driver Sophia Furtado was making her last delivery of the night of February 11 to a home in the town of Fairhaven when she found Caryn Sullivan lying at the bottom of some steps outside her home. Sullivan was “unconscious, unresponsive and actively bleeding from the head,” police said in a statement.

“Sophia immediately opened the door to the house and shouted to everyone inside. Robert Sullivan immediately came to the door and was informed that his wife was on the ground in an emergency situation,” said Fairhaven Police Officer Jillian Jodoin. at the scene, said in the statement.

Furtado dialed 911 and spoke to a dispatcher while providing medical assistance to Caryn. She also quickly informed Robert of the equipment she needed, wrapping Caryn in a blanket and using a towel to apply light direct pressure to the source of the bleeding, Jodoin said.

“While maintaining direct pressure, she stabilized Karen to protect her from possible spinal injury until police units could arrive. This happened in the West Island, about 6 miles from downtown,” she added.

Furtado stayed on the phone with 911 dispatchers until Jodoin and Fairhaven Officer Ryan Benoit arrived at the house.

“I arrived on the scene and Sophia identified herself as someone with emergency medical training. At that point, Sophia became part of our team to help (Caryn). I asked her s ‘it was possible for her to continue stabilizing Karen’s neck to keep her safe, her response was, ‘I’m not going anywhere,’” Jodoin recalled.

Furtado helped Jodoin place a large traumatic bandage over Caryn’s wound. Benoit began gathering information from Robert about his wife, including her date of birth and known medications.

Police said Furtado also quickly developed a relationship with Robert and helped streamline information gathering for officers so it could be passed on to arriving doctors more quickly.

Afterwards, Furtado asked the police if they could be informed of Caryn’s condition.

“With permission from the Sullivan family, I updated it with information I got from Karen’s daughter, Veronica, the next day,” Jodoin explained. “She informed me that her mother had had emergency surgery at 2am for two severe brain haemorrhages. At the time I called she was in an unstable condition and the family was waiting 24 hours after the operation to consider her out of the water.”

Caryn spent weeks in hospital and months in rehab, police say. Jodoin added that Caryn’s doctor was “adamant” that she would have succumbed to her injuries had there been a delay in treatment.

Furtado, who is a mother and part-time DoorDash driver, dreamed of becoming an emergency medical professional, but told police that money and parenting duties put those dreams aside.

For her actions that night, she received a Lifesaving Award from the Fairhaven Police Department at a ceremony on April 20. their EMT program.

“We are extremely grateful to Ms. Furtado for stepping in at a critical time and are relieved that the client has since recovered safely,” a DoorDash spokesperson said in a statement. “Ms. Furtado’s care and quick response was nothing short of heroic and we are honored to have been able to show our appreciation for her tremendous efforts.”

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Jodoin noted that she found Furtado “extremely humble and modest”. Caryn Sullivan, who was described as being “so eternally grateful” for Furtado’s actions, then invited her family to the Sullivan home for lunch as a thank you.”

“As every officer in this room can tell you, what Sophia did that night is not something anyone would do. drive away, run away, drive away, pull out their phone, or just watch,” the officer said. “Sophia sprang into action, alerted Robert, activated the emergency response system, set up the necessary equipment, provided assistance and helped officers streamline information gathering.”

“She saved a life,” added Jodoin.

This story was reported from Cincinnati.