Deputies capture porch pirate disguised as food delivery driver

BATON ROUGE — A man dressed as a food delivery driver was filmed grabbing a package in a suburban Baton Rouge neighborhood.

The video shows the man, who has since been identified as Darrius Brooks, entering the driveway where Tia Turner and her fiancé live and picking up the package from the porch.

“Someone had the audacity to actually park in our yard and felt comfortable parking in our driveway and coming into our yard and taking something that belonged to us,” Turner said. .

Turner is getting married soon and the package was part of her wedding dress. She is frustrated that someone took something that was going to be part of her big day.

“I know once they open it up and realize ‘oh, it’s not something I can use’, they’re just going to throw it away. And to me, that was a important memory for a significant time in my life,” Turner said.

She doesn’t think this is the first time the thief has done this. According to court records, his suspicions are confirmed.

In 2008, Brooks was arrested on 43 counts, many of them burglary and theft. In 2009, he was sentenced to 10 years in prison for armed robbery.

Capt. Justin Payer, commanding officer of the Larceny Division of East Baton Rouge Sherriff Parish, said video of Turner’s door ring was a key piece of evidence that led to the identification and Arrest of Brooks.

“We were able to use the video to fairly quickly identify the suspect and take him into custody today,” Payer said.

WBRZ told Turner on Wednesday that the culprit has been identified.

“It just seems like they really care about the community and the fact that they were able to do this 24 hours later shows they really care about the community,” Turner said.

Turner is still trying to replace the stolen item.

The sheriff’s office said Brooks received a misdemeanor subpoena and is not in jail at this time.