Chilling surveillance video shows fatal shooting of carpool food delivery driver in Oakland

Family members of an Oakland rideshare driver shot and killed while on the job are demanding justice.

The brazen shooting happened Sunday morning in Oakland’s Little Saigon, along 13th Avenue in East Oakland.

Community members said they were terrified.

Patrick Kon Woo Fung’s family and girlfriend said they couldn’t believe he was gone.

Police are offering a reward of up to $12,500 for information leading to an arrest and have released surveillance video of the incident.

On Tuesday afternoon, in keeping with Chinese tradition, family members honored Fung by burning incense at the spot where he was shot and killed in East Oakland. They said he was in his car, waiting to deliver a food order for a ride-sharing service.

His girlfriend, Judy, who does not speak English, asked KTVU not to show her face. In Cantonese, she described the 52-year-old as a good, hard-working and responsible man who took care of her and her parents.

She says she is devastated.

Surveillance video shows two men walking and opening the door of Fung’s car. The suspects can be heard saying something and four seconds later the sound of a single gunshot.

Fung died at the scene.

His family said his cellphone and wallet were still there and the suspects rushed to a dark colored SUV parked around the corner.

They fled with the help of a fleeing driver.

“Personally, I was devastated,” said Jim Nguyen, a community leader who helps Hung’s family. “To see a young man die like that is unbelievable.”

Judy said she had a hard time accepting that Fung’s life ended suddenly and senselessly.

She said that shortly before he died, he dropped her off in Chinatown for shopping.

Fung delivered food on weekends to earn extra money in addition to working full-time in a warehouse. Judy said she was now too scared to leave the house she shared with Fung.

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“When I’m sitting in a car, I have to look around because I think someone is going to rob me. What kind of Oakland do we live in?” Nguyen asked.

Fung’s family said they hope the police catch the suspects quickly and that they deserve life in prison without the possibility of parole.

Relatives said they didn’t want the suspects to hurt anyone else.

To help Fung’s family, you can donate to a Gofundme.

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