AC Hotel Miami Dadeland has a fleet of food delivery robots

The newly opened AC Hotel Miami Dadeland located next to the Dadeland Mall has roaming robots.

This month, the hotel announced it would begin offering a contactless robot food delivery service in partnership with Cartken and FanFoodthe application used to place the orders.

According to Maria Maloney, director of sales and marketing at AC Hotel Miami Dadeland, this decision was spurred by the Dadeland Mall’s launch and use of a small fleet of delivery robots at the end of the year. last.

“After the hotel opened in October, we were thrilled to be one of the first hotels in Miami to partner with both Cartken and FanFood,” Maloney said. new times. “COVID certainly spurred the idea and accelerated that, but our focus with implementing these robots was really all about customer service: what better way to offer an additional new and innovative service to our guests and staying guests. prolonged ?”

This move positions AC on a growing list of American hotels ushering in a new era of robotic services and technologies — and the first location in Miami to offer delivery using Cartken’s autonomous robots.

Upon check-in at AC Hotel Miami Dadeland, guests will receive a QR code that will direct them to FanFood‘s, where they can order from participating restaurants in the Dadeland Mall Dining Pavilion.

The service is designed to transport goods over short distances using an online ordering platform. Once the order is placed, robots receive it and deliver it to the hotel lobby. Along the way, customers receive text updates as their order progresses and are given a link to track the delivery in real time. Once the delivery reaches the lobby, each order is assigned a unique PIN code allowing the customer to unlock the robot’s lid.

As with other Cartken delivery robots, these Dadeland robots can detect and avoid moving objects within a five-meter radius, mitigating the risk of running into unsuspecting guests. The sensors also detect the opening of the door, allowing the robot to enter the lobby and wait for the guest to collect their food from its loading compartment.

This contactless service offers delivery times of 10 to 15 minutes. Dining pavilion options include Charley’s and Guaca-Taupewith other restaurants expected to join the platform later this month.

“The feedback has been pretty positive, and so many people have commented on that ‘wow’ factor, because it’s such a fun technology and feature to bring to a hotel,” Mahoney reports. “It gives people something to talk about when staying with us in Miami.”

The hotel also offers a poolside terrace with a bar and restaurant, AC Kitchen. Add robots to the mix and you could have the stuff of a weekend.