7 Times Food Delivery Agents Won Our Hearts With Random Acts Of Kindness

Not all heroes wear capes and that’s absolutely true, at least for food delivery managers who work all day, but their efforts remain invisible. Many times food delivery workers have gone above and beyond to perform random acts of kindness.

Here are 7 times these real-life heroes won our hearts. Looked.

1) Save the life of a little girl who had a freak accident

In early July, a Twitter user identified as Pratik Salunke in his post spoke about the freak accident that happened in Thane, Maharashtra. He said a girl was playing on the doorstep of his school. Suddenly, the metal door detached and part of it “pierced his cheek, missing his right eye by an inch”.

The Amazon delivery man identified as Ravi who was in the area saw the accident and rushed to help the girl, holding the metal piece in place to stop excessive bleeding or aggravate the injury.

According to the message, he held the piece of metal for 30 minutes until help arrived. People were in awe of Ravi and praised him for restoring their faith in humanity. Many have also urged Amazon to reward him for going out of his way to help those in need.

2) Save the man’s life, take him to the hospital

Swiggy’s official Instagram handle shared a short story about how a delivery man in his fleet went beyond the call of duty to help save a man’s life.

The incident dates back to December 25, 2021, when delivery manager named Mrunal Kirdat, selflessly came to the aid of retired Colonel named Man Mohan Malik.

Man Mohan had fallen seriously ill and his son decided to rush him to Lilavati Hospital in Mumbai. However, traffic was heavy that day, so the trip took longer than usual. Her son asked the two-wheeler drivers for help as they could navigate traffic faster, but to no avail.

Eventually Mrunal came and without any hesitation carried Man Mohan to the hospital. Mrunal asked others stuck in traffic to give way and quickly rushed the sick man to hospital, where he also informed staff of the man’s serious condition.

3) Give gas from his bike to a duo of stranded siblings

A Mumbai woman has told how a Swiggy delivery driver came to her and her brother’s rescue when they were stranded on a road at midnight. Akshita Changan took to LinkedIn to share the incident – She was riding with her brother when their bike ran out of gas and stopped in the middle of the road at 12:15 a.m.

“A silent night with no passengers in sight, just me and my brother waiting for help by the roadside until we discovered a delivery man checking an address on his cellphone,” Akshita wrote.

akshita post

Akshita’s brother approached the delivery man and asked him to tow their bike. The driver politely declined and said, “Sir, I’m going the other way and can’t be late for the delivery.”

However, the driver then asked if they had a bottle of water, and when they said no, he emptied his own water bottle and gave gas from his bike so that Akshita and his brother can reach the nearest gas station.

4) Risked his own life to save 5 children from a burning building

Nicholas Bostic, 25, was driving after midnight when he noticed a house on fire. He quickly turned around and pulled into the driveway. Without thinking much, he immediately rushed inside the burning house to save four siblings (ages 1, 6, 13 and 18) and a 13-year-old boy who had come for a sleepover. . The incident happened in Indiana, USA on July 11.

5) Alert the police after the customer leaves the “Last Meal” note in the order

A food delivery manager in China is hailed a hero after saving the life of a suicidal customer. The incident happened in Henan Province.

The customer had left an ominous note when ordering food, which read, “The last meal of my life.” When the delivery man arrived at the customer, no one answered the bell. Suspecting something was wrong, he alerted the police, Global Times reported.

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When police and firefighters arrived, the man refused to open the door and threatened to jump out of the window. Cops persuaded him to calm down while firefighters quietly slipped into the room and rescued him, according to the report.

The man, who had taken a large number of sleeping pills, was beginning to pass out when rescuers managed to break into his flat in time and pull him away from danger.

6) Help the specially disabled man on the street

A video that went viral on the internet showed a delivery man helping a specially disabled man on a street.

In the video, the delivery man stopped his vehicle and ran towards the specially disabled man sitting in his wheelchair who was struggling to get up a curb. The delivery man gently pushed the chair forward and helped the man onto the sidewalk.

This act of altruism won the hearts of Internet users on social networks. Some appreciated his kindness while others remembered their difficult times and how someone had come to help them.

7) Ride a bike, pull along another agent on a bike

In July 2022, a video posted online is absolutely moving. In said clip, a rider from Swiggy lent a hand to Zomato’s delivery man who was cycling in the scorching heat of Delhi. The Zomato guy was on a bike while the swiggy guy was on a motorcycle. The swiggy guy held the Zomato guy’s hand so he didn’t have to pedal in the heat.

This video was shared on Instagram by a user named Sannah Arora. Along with the video, she wrote, “True friendship seen in these extremely hot and unbearable days in Delhi!” She tagged food delivery platforms Swiggy and Zomato in her post.

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