18 Renault Trucks for the Henderson restoration

Henderson Foodservice, the leading provider of food services delivered to the hospitality industry in Ireland, is investing £1.9 million as part of its 2022 Fleet Replacement Program to integrate 18 new fuel-efficient Renault Trucks vehicles into its fleet .

Supplied by Diamond Trucks, the new vehicles include four 26-tonne D Wide 6×2 Renault Trucks and fourteen 18-tonne D 4×2 Trucks, all equipped with Lifford Coachworks refrigerated bodies, fitted with a double refrigerated and frozen compartment and a tail lift.

Commenting on this significant investment as the business continues its post-pandemic recovery alongside the hospitality and tourism industries across the island of Ireland, Gavin Hamill, Logistics Manager at Henderson Foodservice, said:

“This is very positive news and the result of increased sales and a need for higher volume deliveries to stores, helping our customers respond more effectively to shopper and consumer demands.”

On average, the Henderson Foodservice fleet makes 7,500 deliveries per week to hospitality customers, ranging from hotels and restaurants to healthcare, schools, convenience stores, fast food chains and cinemas, and independents, covering more than 90,000 kilometers throughout the province.

He keeps on:

“The first two Renault trucks have already hit the road, and they look great, both wrapped in the bright blue livery of Northern Ireland’s biggest coffee brand, Barista Bar, available at SPAR, EUROSPAR, VIVO and VIVOXTRA.”

The rest, which will be rolled out over the next few months, are branded Henderson Foodservice.

Delivering to tight spots, including convenience stores and forecourts, requires excellent maneuverability, and the D’s tight turning radius and compact cab make it ideal for Henderson Foodservice operations. Vehicle selection is based primarily on driver feedback and the Renault Trucks D’s reliability, handling and comfort have also earned it accolades in service. Gavin Hamill notes:

“Drivers also comment on the ergonomics, they like that all the controls are easy to find and easy to reach.”

The D26 Wide 280s are powered by Renault Trucks’ efficient 8-litre DTi engine, with maximum power of 206 kW at 2100 rpm and maximum torque of 1050 Nm from 950 rpm to 1600 rpm. Behind it, a 12-speed Optidriver AT 2412F gearbox with automatic clutch and gearshift strategy optimized for FUEL ECO.

Cab interiors are designed for comfort, with an air-suspended COMFORT driver’s seat, lumbar support, and heated seat base and backrest. He adds:

“Fuel economy is something we’re always watching closely, especially in the current climate with rising oil prices, and there’s a lot of urban driving around town as well as rural, so that’s mixed and matched, but they work well.”

For the first time, Henderson Foodservice has opted for a comprehensive seven-year repair and maintenance contract with the local Renault Trucks dealer, Diamond Trucks in Mallusk.

He concludes :

“It’s a brand new model for the company, so it’s still early days, but we know what’s covered in the contract and that helps with budgeting, keeping costs under control. It also helps that we have such a good local dealer on our doorstep, the Diamond Trucks team always look after us, a great group, as they say in Belfast, everyone is healthy. By the end of the year, 70% of our fleet will be made up of Renault Trucks.